What is CRI (Color Rendering Index)?

When you are in the process of shopping LED light bulbs or fixtures, you may find yourself confused because of the new terminology and options associated with the LED lights. One of those terms is CRI or Color Rendering Index. If i wanted to put it simple, its a measurement of how colors look under the light source. Higher is better. It’s measured between zero to 100 where 100 is perfect.

Light bulb with high cri
Light bulb

You may ask “What does it mean for me?”. When the your light has very low color rendering index, you will be having trouble distinguishing the colors. For instance blue and black will look very close.

Most of the LED light bulbs and fixtures in the market today come with the CRI of 80+ ( more than 80). But for some specific applications we use CRI of 97. For example if photo studios or retail show windows.

You can read more about the CRI and the testing methods on this Wikipedia page

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