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Pot lights installed in one day



Our absolute joy and accomplishment come from seeing homeowners enjoying their home with the result of our assistance.

Our pot light installers take pride in their work. Not only we make sure everything is done within one day and up to Electrical Code, we also do it with minimal damage. It’s work of art done by fully licensed electricians. City permit and inspection is available.


All jobs done by licensed electricians and supervised by experienced master electrician.

LED Pot Light

Installation and wiring of LED pot lights including 4″ and 6″ LED pot lights.

FREE on-site estimate.

Light Fixture

We make your home look its best by installing or replacing,  lighting fixtures.

The lighting you choose in your home can transform it.

LED Strips

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add more light to your kitchen. 

Let us light up your kitchen!


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